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Welcome to Fly Air Travels!


Fly Air Travels is one of Pakistan’s best traveling agencies- the agency that, not only makes air traveling easy for the customers, but also takes care of them as a steel shield during their whole journey. Our intention is to provide excellent services, not only on a domestic level, but also to travelers from around the world, offering the cheapest rates on airfare in all national and international flights, along with Hajj and Umrah packages.

Fly Air  Travels is always after setting the best accommodation for their customers while on their journey, taking the term “a home away from home” to the next level. We provide support on visa matters, making sure all is sorted out and taken care of beforehand. We recognize that providing quality service is more than just offering competitive pricing- it is the attention to every detail and efficient servicing that makes a trip into an unforgettable journey. Therefore, our objective is to offer the most efficient and reliable service- ensuring that each one of our customers leaves 100% satisfied, and has great memories of his/her trip.

We offer the best rates on air tickets from domestic and international airlines such as: PIA, Air Blue, Qatar Airlines, Turkish Air, Saudi Airlines, British Airways, Shaheen Airlines, and many others. As a registered traveling agency, we guarantee unbeatable services and rates- our customers’ satisfaction is our #1 priority!


In Fly Air Travels, we plead to:

·        Maintain Credibility, Quality Service, and Fair-Trading

·        Provide Prompt Solutions to any related problem

·        Establish and Maintain Excellent Relations and Communication with our customers

·        Become Accessible at call.

·        Deliver a Unique Service in the Global Market of Travel and Tourism.

Latest News

New Group for umrah is ready if some one wants to go it is the best time for them to get not only cheapest trip but they can have a great company as well. They will be getting a great accommodation in that group.


Application for hajj 2012 will be open soon please Visit our office to know more about it.